Existing fields and tags may be selected and edited; to create new fields and tags from scratch, see Defining fields and tags instead.

Click to expand/collapse hidden textTo select a field for editing

With the document open:

press Ctrl D to open the Field dialog then select it from the list/tree window or
Right-click on the field and use the options from the menu which pops up automatically or
Left-click on the field, then use options from the Fields menu.

To step from the currently selected field to another:

Hold down:

then click:




down arrow or


Selects next field



up arrow or


Selects previous field


left arrow

Selects parent field


right arrow

Selects first child field

To redefine field and tag properties
1.Right-click on a field on the page and select Edit Field...
Select Edit... from the 'Fields' menu
Press Ctrl D keys.
2.The Field dialog is displayed: select the Definitions tab. (The Definitions tab is the first on the left – if it is not visible, scroll Scroll tabs arrow < button glyph left to bring the tab into view.) To rename the field, type the new name in the Field edit box.
3.To edit the coordinates of the top-left corner of the field, its width or height, click in the appropriate edit box and enter the new values. Double-click an edit box to select and redefine that value for all selected fields.
4.Use the Fields list/tree window to change the field's relationships to other fields and tags and to add a child field. See Tree view.
5.Further options may be redefined for the field on the set-up window's other pages:
oSearching  see Setting search tag options.
oAction  see Setting field actions.
oXML  see Outputting to XML.
6.Click OK.

In the event that a job changes and a field is no longer required, you may disable the field until you need it again or delete it altogether.

Click to expand/collapse hidden textTo disable a field or tag
Right-click on it and select Disable field... or
Display the 'Field Definitions' dialog (Ctrl D) then de-select the Enabled check-box for that field.

If the job changes back, the field can be reinstated simply by:

Right-clicking on it and selecting Enable field...
To delete a field or tag
1.Right-click on the field or tag on the document page and select Edit Field...
Select Edit... from the 'Fields' menu
Press Ctrl D keys.
2.Click the Delete button at the foot of the Field dialog.
3.Click OK.

Blue diamond bullet Tips

Open blue diamond bullet Select Show>All from the 'Fields' menu to view the position of fields and tags on the page, see Viewing data fields and tags.

Open blue diamond bullet When you are editing fields in the 'Field' dialog, clicking the Refresh button will re-evaluate the fields and update the page view without closing the dialog.

Open blue diamond bullet You can set up a font (family, size, style, effects, color and language group) for displaying the tags' search strings by clicking Font... (Field Definitions page). This may be useful when you are searching for text in an unfamiliar symbolset.

Open blue diamond bullet When the dialog has been edited, the OK button is highlighted: this indicates that a press on the Enter key is equivalent to a click on the OK button.