If you have a problem to report concerning EscapeE 'eE' iconEscapeE:

1.Please say what version of EscapeE was used. This can be determined from the About dialog or from the creation time of the escapee.exe file.
2.It helps if you give the Email a specific subject (perhaps mentioning the filename).
3.Specify exactly what the problem is e.g. "On page 2 when converting file x.pcl to PDF the text in the first box is in the wrong font".
4.If the file is very large and the problem occurs near the beginning of the file then please do not send the whole file but use EscapeE's File | Save subset option to extract the first few pages of the file. If you start at page 1 then the resulting file is simply a copy of the beginning of the original file, so will show the same problem.
5.If it's a specially generated file, please try to give it a unique and meaningful name and an extension such as .PCL, .PRN or .PLT appropriate to the type of file.
6.If the file originated on a different system (e.g. a mainframe or UNIX® system) then if possible, before sending us the file, it would be a good thing to try printing a few pages to ensure that the file has not been damaged in transmission.
7.Please send the problem to help@redtitan.com rather than a particular person; then if they are on holiday, unwell or very busy your problem will still be looked at quickly.