You may check whether there is a more recent version of EscapeE 'eE' iconEscapeE available by selecting Check for updates to EscapeE from the 'File' menu.
EscapeE will automatically check for newer versions once a month if the Check the RedTitan web site each month for updates to EscapeE box is ticked on the 'Automatic' page of the 'Configuration' dialog (Options menu, or F8).

If you have a maintenance contract you can update to newer versions of EscapeE free of charge. Just send an E-mail to requesting a licence update and supplying your licence number and company details.

If you do not have a maintenance contract and would like to update, please E-mail and we will send you back a quote for an update.

To run EscapeE on Vista®, Windows® 2008 or Windows® 7 you must be running at least version 8.50.

Upgrading EscapeE

There are a number of permission codes which enable additional EscapeE features – email for details.

To install the licence or permission codes (which RedTitan® will email to you), select Install RTZ Licence file from the 'File' menu. Locate the file then click Open to install it.

Licence number

The Licence number is shown on the 'About' box.

Select About from the 'Help' menu.