where n is the number of counter-clockwise right-angles to rotate text, lines and other drawn items. n may take these values:

0 (the default)
1 (left-side down)
2 (up-side down)
3 (right-side down)

Text is rotated after alignment. If ALIGN is not specified then the initial position (i.e. before rotation) may be taken from the LEFT or X, TOP or Y attribute values. When LEFT or TOP is used the string turns around the boundaries of its container; when X or Y is used the string wheels around the leftmost point of the baseline.

PADDING, if specified, is applied after ROTATE.

ROTATE sample script

Alternatively text, lines and other drawn items may use:


where n is the number of degrees of rotation counter-clockwise.

Element TEXT sample script

Note that while IDF documents using ROTATEd FILLed TEXT elements print correctly, some systems cannot display the rotated text on top of the background color.