X specifies the horizontal offset from the origin of the containing element and Y specifies the vertical offset. They are used primarily for specifying coordinates when drawing: see B, M, P, CLIP, SHAPE. Although the X and Y attributes are similar to the LEFT and TOP attributes, when text is rotated they behave differently – see note below.

<GROUP X="600" Y="900" WIDTH="1000" HEIGHT="500" SHAPE="BOX">

The default UNIT is 1/600 inch.

TEXT rotation note

The location X,Y specifies the position of the leftmost point of (unALIGNed) TEXT's baseline; if ROTATE is applied then the string is pivoted about the point X,Y. If the location were specified using LEFT and TOP instead, the position would be rotated relative to the edges of its container, taking the string along with it.

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Positioning and sizing

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