You may search the document for a specific numbered page and display it in the EscapeE 'eE' iconEscapeE window.

1.Choose Go to Page... from the 'Edit' menu or
click on the page number/arrowPage number drop-down box glyph shown on the Tool-bar and select Go to page... or
click the 'Find' Search binoculars glyph button on the Tool-bar or
press Ctrl G keys.
2.Type the page's number in the Go to page/bookmark edit-box.
oIf you only need to find one particular page, tick Close after search check-box. Unchecked, the dialog remains open for setting up further searches.
3.Press Enter (Return) key or
click Go to.
4.The page is displayed in the EscapeE window and the its page-number is added to the drop-down list.
oIf you have not opted to 'Close after search', the 'Find Text' dialog remains open so that further searches for page numbers, bookmarks or text may be made.
When you're done, click Cancel or
click x red button glyph to close the dialog.

Tip: if you have already searched for the page-number in the current session, you may return to it by selecting it from the drop-down list.


EscapeE enables you to view and search the code which generated a PCL or IDF document as well as the document itself: see Source code.