Click to expand/collapse this hidden textTo assign a bookmark
1.Display the page you wish to bookmark and choose Set Bookmark... from the 'Edit' menu, or
click on the page number/arrowPage number drop-down box glyph shown on the Tool-bar and select Set Bookmark....
2.The 'New Bookmark' dialog opens, showing the number of the page on view in its edit-box. Type in the new Bookmark name.
The name is added to the drop-down list for the current session.
3.If you wish to retain the Bookmark names for the next session, tick Remember Bookmarks. (These will be saved in the current field definitions file.)
4.Click OK.
Click to expand/collapse this hidden textTo find a bookmark
1.Select Find Text... or Go to Page... from the 'Edit' menu. Or
click the 'Find' Search binoculars glyph button on the Tool-bar.
2.Scroll down the Go to page/bookmark drop-down list and select a bookmark.
3.The selected page is displayed in the EscapeE 'eE' iconEscapeE window.
The dialog remains open so you may select other bookmarks or page numbers to view or enter text to find.
4.To close the dialog, click its Cancel or 'Exit' x red button glyph buttons.