Shading options affect the way shaded areas in a PCL file are displayed and output to all formats.

Originally, the PCL defined several levels of shading which were implemented as dot patterns on a monochrome PCL printer. Modern color printers can render shading as true, solid gray color which often gives better results than dot patterns, particularly when scaled. You may configure EscapeE 'eE' iconEscapeE to use dot-patterns or solid gray shades.

EscapeE Shading options

1.Select the Images page of the Configuration dialog (function key f8): see Image import/export options.
2.In the 'Shading' panel, choose from:
oStandard: a fairly coarse pattern of dots. This is useful when exporting at lower resolutions.
oFine: a fine pattern of dots.
oGray-scale: solid gray; unlike the dot patterns, this will not be transparent. Not suitable for simple (1-bit) monochrome images, it is good for some types of PDF: see PDF export options for notes on Keep original element order

You may opt to 'Ignore' shading: see Optimizing the configuration.