EscapeE 'eE' iconEscapeE provides a number of smoothing options for scaling monochrome and colored images down in size.

Select Configuration from the 'Options' menu (function key f8) and click the Images tab or
select Export from the 'File' menu (Ctrl E) –  see Image format file export. Select an image format such as BMP or PNG then click the Image options... button.

The 'Smoothing for output to' section contains a pair of panels: one for 'colored images and the screen' and another for 'monochrome images'. Choose from these options to set up the most appropriate method for smoothing the output image:

Gray-scale gives the best effect if the output format supports it, but if converting to 1-bit monochrome it may be preferable to use Simple or Two-bit.
4-bit gives better results than 8-bit, which is only suitable when images are to be heavily scaled-down.
Simple scaling is probably somewhat quicker but for images which are scaled down considerably or have pale areas, it may result in parts of the image vanishing altogether.
Two-bit scaling guarantees that if a pixel in the resulting scaled image contains any black then it or its neighbor will be black – and similarly for white.