To train a new rocr database in the rules for recognizing characters, you need to provide a sample of the characters. This is done by setting up a field containing the glyphs of any characters to be recognized and configuring it to create a sample PNG image:

1.Open a document containing the character glyphs to be recognized in EscapeE.
2.Sweep-out an area containing a line of specimen character glyphs and select New field... from the pop-up menu.
3.The Field dialog opens with the 'Definitions' page on view: enter a Name for the field.
3.1.Click the Action tab, choose rocr from the drop-down 'Call Plugin' list then click Configure.
3.2.The ROCR configure field dialog opens: enter a name for the new Refound plugin database and tick the Train check-box.
Click OK.
4.Click OK.
The Field dialog closes and a PNG image of the Training field created. Windows stores the PNG file in your 'AppData\local\ReFound\todo' list. See Training.