A sample PNG image is used to train the database to recognize glyphs and match them to the character codes that you specify.

1.Run the Refound program (e.g. enter: C:\USERS\myname>REFOUND on the calling line) and open the sample PNG image.
2.The Refound – image document recovery dialog displays the sample image as a bitmapped raster. The rocr plugin divides the image into separate glyphs, assigning each one an arbitrary number (shown in white on the blue bar at the foot of the character).
3.Use the 'Increase' and 'Decrease' buttons to adjust the scale at which the bitmaps are shown in the window. You need the pixels big enough to single-out and select with the mouse without losing sight of the overall shape of the glyph.
4.Click the pixels to be used in the Recognition Point map for one of the characters on view: see Recognition Point maps for details.
5.Assign a Character to the Recognition Point map by:
opressing the appropriate key on your keyboard (and let rocr assign the matching Code 'Value' automatically), or
oentering the Code Value (and let rocr assign the matching 'Character' automatically).
6.Click Save. The 'Character' appears in black below its glyph.
7.Scroll to another glyph and repeat the recognition point map set-up steps above until you have mapped all characters necessary. (Only one instance of each character need be mapped, even if there are several instances of the same glyph in the sample image.)
8.Select Save database from 'File' menu.