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EAN-13 codes a European Article Number consisting of 13 decimal numbers. Equivalent to UPC-13 (USA) and JAN-13 (Japan): see also UPC.

The barcode data may also include an additional 2-digit or 5-digit supplementary code. In these cases (typically publishers), tick the appropriate option.

The barcode may be generated showing the decimal digits beneath the bars, enabling Optical Character Recognition. It may be 'topped and tailed' by code denoting 'Country' and the end character 'greater than'.

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Data includes 2 digit add-on code
Data includes 5 digit add-on code
Exclude leading digit of country code
Trims left-hand edge of barcode area, removing the first OCR digit.
Exclude margin extent character ">" on OCR
Trims right-hand edge of barcode area, removing the last OCR digit.
Omit OCR coding removes the bottom band bearing the OCR numbers. The overall width of the bar-code is also trimmed to accommodate just the bars.
Stretch height by
Enter number of 1/6 inch mid-section bands to be inserted (default 0 generates a barcode 1inch nominal height).