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GS1-128 is commonly known as Code 128 or EAN-128.  It encodes all 128 'ASCII' characters and it also includes a check digit. It is more compact than other similar barcodes (e.g. Code 39) and is thus preferred for small items.

A special non-data Function1 character may be included after the start character, or omitted. It can be recognized by scanner software as a signature feature of these types of barcode – useful when an object bears several barcodes.

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Exclude leading FUNC1 shift code
Default unchecked.
Variant 1
Scales down the width of the bar-code to 75% of normal; height is unchanged (1/2 inch).
Stretch height by
Enter number of 1/6 inch mid-section bands to be inserted (default 0 generates a barcode 1/2 inch high).