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UPC stands for Universal Product Code, but it commonly refers to the UPC-A barcode symbology (see also UPC-E, UPC8 and UPC13).

It encodes decimal numbers only – other characters are not allowed. The basic barcode consists of two blocks of 5 numbers, a start number and a check number at the end. These numbers may be printed below the bars if Optical Character Recognition may be required. The barcode is topped and tailed by a pair of 'guard bar' elements plus a guard bar element separating the two blocks. Each element is coded in two bars with two spaces, i.e. 30 bars in all.

Publishers, in particular, often also include an additional 2-digit (EAN 2) or 5-digit (EAN 5) supplementary code. In these cases, tick the appropriate option.

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Omit OCR coding trims 1/6 inch from barcode, removing the bottom band bearing the OCR numbers.
Data includes 2 digit add-on code
Data includes 5 digit add-on code
Stretch height by
Enter number of 1/6 inch mid-section bands to be inserted (default 0 generates a barcode 1inch nominal height).