RedTitan EEcerts overview

EEcerts provides digital certificate services for EscapeE, enabling users to sign and/or encrypt Adobe® PDF documents. Digitally signed documents may be time-stamped and given authorisation protection too if required. User-friendly RedTitan profiles not only simplify job certification for occasional users but facilitate the running of bulk jobs by professionals.

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A PDF or PDF/A document may be "digitally signed" with a digital certificate. Subsequently the certificate can be used to verify that the document has not been altered by a third party.
See Sign a document.

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A PDF (but not PDF/A) document may be "encrypted" with a digital certificate. A document created in this way may only be read by specified a recipient list of users.
See Encrypt a document.

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By applying a time-stamp to a document, not only is the data "fixed" but also the precise time at which it was fixed can be guaranteed. It is ideal for checking that a document (e.g. contract, medical record) has not been backdated or postdated.

In addition, by configuring TTP name and password authentication measures, you may ensure that a document can only be decrypted by the machine on which it was configured. This means that even if the data is stolen, it still cannot be read.

See Time stamp a document.

Topics in this section contain general information:

About certificates
About profiles
About time-stamps

Technical note

EscapeE supports public-key cryptography standards – PKCS – when viewing or creating PDF documents.