Places a border around all four sides (Left, Top, Right and Bottom) of an element with defined boundaries such as a FIELD, GROUP, PAGE, or TEXT. If LEFT, TOP, HEIGHT and WIDTH attributes are not defined in the element itself, they will be inherited from its parent element.

The ordering of the values L, T, R and B does not matter.

Omitting value(s) omits the corresponding side(s) of the border, for example


places lines at the bottom and top of the item; there are no lines at the sides of the item joining the top and bottom lines.

Borders are drawn as if using an imaginary 'pen'. The thickness of the border-pen is defined by the BORDERWIDTH attribute. The outer edge of the border lies on the boundary but does not extend beyond it; i.e. the border is drawn entirely within the area occupied by the element.

The shape of the 'pen' is defined by the LINEJOIN attribute. In the example above, where there are no joins, LINEEND parameter may be used to specify the shape of the pen instead (if LINEEND and LINEJOIN are both defined for a border, LINEJOIN takes precedence).

The style of the border-lines is defined by the BORDERSTYLE attribute, and the color by the BORDERCOLOR attribute.

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