Encapsulates a number of items so that they may be treated as a single unit. Conditions may be applied to the group: only if conditions are 'true' will the group be processed (see CONDITION attribute).

Groups may contain, or be contained by, INCLUDE elements and PAGE elements.

Any attributes of the group become the defaults for items within the group. Note that an included element only passes the group's ROTATE, X and Y attributes to the objects within it.

Groups can be nested up to 8 levels deep.

Element GROUP sample script

The INDEX parameter is used when setting up an IDF file to display a Table of Contents. It specifies a title for each PAGE to be shown in the Table of Contents. When a title shown in the Table of Contents is clicked, EscapeE displays the corresponding PAGE. Groups using INDEX parameters can be nested so that titles may be shown within folders; double-click to open/close a folder. See INDEX attribute.

A named GROUP specifying CACHE="YES" will create an overlay which can be invoked by an INCLUDE element specifying the GROUPNAME for the group. This group's tag may also specify a transparency value: see ALPHA attribute.