HTML document file export
WEB page

Files can be exported in standard HTML format to create a WEB page for the Internet – see below – as MIME-encoded HTML to include resources (see HTML MIME encoded file export) and HTML5 (see HTML5 UberEd format export).

To export files to HyperText Mark-up Language
1.Choose Export... from the 'File' menu or
press Ctrl E keys.
2.Set up the Page number range of the pages you want to export, see Selecting page ranges.
3.To avoid a new file overwriting an existing file with the same name, tick Do not overwrite files: see Overwriting files.
4.Choose HTML document - WEB page as the 'Format'
oa wild-carded filename (with extension .HTM) and folder are supplied. To create a different filename or extension, type in the new name. To select a different folder to store the file, use the Browse button.
Note that if you enter the location of a folder on your web server here, the file will be directly available to the Internet.
ocheck the LPR box: the filename will be supplied automatically.

To make the HTML document format the default, click Save format.

5.Tick the Force monochrome checkbox if required. Click HTML options... to configure more HTML export options.
6.Tick Run the associated program after creating the file if you want EscapeE 'eE' iconEscapeE to open the file immediately using your preferred program, e.g. Internet Explorer. See Associated programs.
7.If you have defined data fields on the pages, EscapeE can create a .LOG file automatically:
oselect the Fields to be logged: see Log file export.
oSet the Log format:
Comma separated (default)
Plain text
oFurther Log file options may be set up from the 'Log File' page of the Configuration dialog: click Log file....
8.Click OK to export the pages.

Blue diamond bullet Notes

The document is output as a file written in HyperText Mark-up Language, suitable for display by a web browser. There is an option to output the document as XHTML i.e. the HTML is written using XML, so all elements start and end in a standardized way.
Documents typically require other resources e.g. images; these must be stored in separate files, potentially in a different folder. See also HTML MIME encoded file export
To print HTML documents created by EscapeE and containing vertical lines, ensure that "Print background colors and images" from the "Printing" section of the IE "Tools|Internet options...|Advanced" dialog is selected.