A job may require several documents to be generated from each data record: for example, an invoice and a delivery note. You may be set up these extra documents in the 'Mail merge options' dialog.

1.Set up the first document in the Mail merge wizard then click Advanced. The 'Mail merge options' dialog is displayed.
2.Select the printing mode for the document from the drop-down list:
oSIMPLEX – default
oLONG – Long-edge binding duplex
oSHORT – Short-edge binding duplex
3.With 'Copy 1' tabbed page on view, select the Paper to be used from the drop-down list (see Paper types).
4.Select the Orientation of the paper from the drop-down list:
oP – Portrait (the default) or
oL – Landscape or
oI – Inverse (portrait rotated 180°) or
oJ – Journal (landscape rotated 180°).
5.Enter the number of the Input tray to be used.
6.Enter the number of the Output bin to be used.
7.Enter, or Browse to select, the file containing the letter or text for this page in the Front overlay edit-box.
oIf duplex ('long' or 'short', see above) is configured, enter (or Browse to select) the file containing the letter or text for this page in the Back overlay edit-box.
8.If another document is required for the job, click New copy tab. A new document set-up is shown as 'Copy 2' and another 'New copy' tab appears. Repeat the steps above to set up the new document.
9.Click OK.

Tip:  click Delete copy to remove any unwanted "copies"; click the last tab to add a 'New copy' tab.


Editing a Mail merge file