Moving EscapeE to another PC or Virtual Server

A licence allows EscapeE 'eE' iconEscapeE to be run on a particular PC or Virtual server, identified by the ID specified in the licence. It may be transferred to another computer, for example when you buy a new PC, but it cannot be copied. If you would like to run EscapeE on more than one computer please E-mail and RedTitan® will supply details regarding the appropriate licence.

Transferring EscapeE to a new computer

To install your existing EscapeE on a new PC you must either:

Click to expand/collapse this hidden textinstall the original software

Your current EscapeE would have been installed as a 'zip' or 'exe' file. Install this on the new PC or Virtual server, then:

1.Once the install is complete, run EscapeE in demonstration mode.
2.Select About from the Help menu. This shows a dialog containing your computer's ID number, EscapeE details and licence information.

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3.Click the Copy to clipboard button (or Ctrl C) – this will extract the information in the dialog for you.
4.Create an E-mail and Paste the clipboard information into it. Add a note explaining your requirements then send it to We will send back a licence file for the new computer.


Click to expand/collapse this hidden textdownload a version from the RedTitan PCLViewer web site

There are three download options:

EscapeE ZIP file
EscapeE self-extracting EXE
EscapeE Web Install

You may download the current version of EscapeE using any of these methods, but if your licence is valid for an older version you may only use the 'Web Install' method:

1.Select EscapeE Web Install option.
2.Save the EscapeE setup file on your new computer.
3.When prompted "Do you want to run or save this file?", click Run.
On Vista® class operating systems (Vista, Windows® 2008, Windows 7) you may be asked to allow RedTitan to make changes to your PC by the Windows User Access Control; click Yes.
4.Select EscapeE earlier versions option from the list; click OK.

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5.Set up the version of EscapeE that you would like to download.

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You can choose one of the versions shown by entering a number 1 to 9 and clicking OK or choose the default option of 0 click OK. This will open an additional dialog.

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Type in the version of EscapeE you would like to download then click OK.

6.You will be asked to confirm the location of the redtitan software and the download will commence.

Virtual PC/Server environment

Virtual servers should run EscapeE in the same way a physical server would.

Virtualization convinces an application that the PC is physically present when it is not. RedTitan has tested EscapeE on Windows Virtual PC and VMware® virtual server without issues. If you do have problems running RedTitan software on a virtual platform please contact EscapeE by E-mailing or telephone one of our offices: details can be found at

Blue diamond bullet Note

To run EscapeE on Vista, Windows 2008 or Windows 7 you must be running version 8.50 or later.