Downloading EscapeE from the internet

EscapeE 'eE' iconEscapeE can be downloaded from the RedTitan PCLViewer web-site.

A demonstration edition is available: just Download and Install the EXE file.
Fill out the Registration dialog too and you may try all the features free for one month with no obligation to purchase. This may be done directly after downloading and installing the EXE file or later from EscapeE: see Registering your software.
Click to expand/collapse hidden textDownloading the current EscapeE
1.View web-page in you internet browser.
2.Click download a free evaluation now or the DOWNLOAD image.
3.Click EscapeE Current Version (OPTION 1).
4.You will be prompted to "open binary file", e.g. "EE1038.EXE": click Save File.
5.You will be prompted to Show all downloads. Open the 'Downloads' folder to see the EXE file in its list.
6.Double-click the EXE file.
oAny anti-virus security firewalls installed on your computer may request that you confirm that it's OK to allow this change: click Yes to display the RedTitan EscapeE Setup dialog.
Click to expand/collapse hidden textSetup RedTitan EscapeE

With the 'Setup - RedTitan EscapeE' dialog (see steps above) on view:

1.Read the License Agreement set out in the dialog's scroll box.
2.Choose I accept the agreement then click Next.
oIf you choose I do not accept the agreement instead, you will not be able to continue the Setup: click Cancel to exit.
3.An edit box on the 'Select Destination Location' dialog shows a default file path, e.g.
C:\Program Files\RedTitan
You may use this location or type-in or Browse to a different location in which to install EscapeE.
Then click Next.
4.An edit box on the 'Select RT.INI file folder' dialog shows a default file path, e.g.
You may use this location or type-in or Browse to a different location in which to store the RT.INI file.
Then click Next.
5.A drop-down box on the 'Default paper size' dialog lists a choice of paper sizes. Choose A4 or Letter then click Next.
6.The Setup is now complete, ready for the installation of EscapeE on your computer.
oClick Install: EscapeE can now be run in demonstration mode.
The Registration dialog is displayed automatically, see Registering your software. Or
oclick Back if you want to review or change any settings. Or
oClick Cancel to discontinue installation.

Tip:  you may opt download an earlier version of EscapeE rather than the current version, see Transferring EscapeE.


To run EscapeE on Vista®, Windows® 2008 or Windows® 7 you must be running version 8.50 or later. At least 33.8 MB of free disk space is required to install EscapeE.