To display the Trimming dialog's Page editor, open or re-open the Composite document wizard, right-click a row of the File Pages table then click Show clip regions.

The Page editor opens with the clip-regions outlined in a window below the Options editor panel.

The Scale at which pages are shown is set up in the Options editor panel: 300%, 200%, 150%, 100%, 75%, 50%, 33%, 25% or Fit window (the default).

To draw a clip-region

In the Page editor window:

1.Use the mouse to drag out the area of the page to define the clip-region's boundaries then click OK.
2.You will be prompted to annotate the clip:
oIf it is a music part, enter the number of the part.
oIf it is a Header (repeated at the top of every page) enter H.
oIf it is a Footer (repeated at the bottom of every page) enter F.
oOtherwise enter 0 or leave blank.
3.Click Yes.

To bring a boundary into view at your chosen Scale, press an arrow key:

Arrow up

top boundary

Arrow left

left boundary

Arrow right

right boundary

Arrow down

bottom boundary

To adjust a boundary's position click on a boundary line then drag and release the mouse button when the line is correctly placed. (The mouse position is shown on the Options editor beside the Units drop-down box.)

To shrink the boundary (trimming the white line(s) bordering the inside edge of the boundary), hold the Shift key down and press the appropriate Arrow key.
If there are no white lines bordering the boundary, the boundary skips to the next white line outside the colored content. On an area of text, for example, pressing of Shift key with Down key steps the boundary up the to the next line of text.

To expand the boundary so that it includes any white line(s) immediately outside that edge of the boundary, hold the Ctrl key down and press an Arrow key.

Tip:  by default, a line is deemed to be white if it contains no more than 3 colored pixels. To optimize this setting, use the Threshold spin-box arrows.

Editing options
Right-click inside the boundary line of a clip-region to display a pop-up menu of editing options.

New page
Not new page
Front page

See Mail merge wizard.

Add field
Ctrl A 

Use the mouse to sweep out the new clip-region then click 'Add field'.

Delete field

Tip: it is often easier to 'Delete field' then 'Add field' than to drag a misplaced boundary line to its proper position.

Trim field

Remove any horizontal and/or vertical white lines bordering the contents of the clip-region.

Align field

See Setting up text.

Join to field below
Ctrl J 

Merges clip-regions.

Rotate field

Enter the number of degrees to rotate the top-left corner of the clip-region counter-clockwise, then click 'OK'.

Field is a Header
Ctrl H 

Clip-region (labeled H) repeated at top of each page.

Field is a Footer
Ctrl F 

Clip-region (labeled F) repeated at foot of each page.

Set caption

Enter the caption text in the edit box then click 'OK'.
(The text-origin is taken from the position of the mouse on right-click.)

Tip: the mouse coordinates are shown below 'Scale' on the Trimming options panel.

Set Clip Region


Markup selected area
Ctrl M 


To return to wizard, click OK.