Page imaging, scaling and cropping

Click to expand/collapse this hidden textPrinting pages as images

If you do not need to 'proof-print' the pages, but just want to print what is shown on the screen, then it may be appropriate to print the pages as images even when they contain text. It enables prints to be made on printers which have unhelpful font-handling characteristics. Color artifacts created when ClearType text is used are eliminated, ensuring consistency of output, whatever printer and resolution are used.

This usually results in larger files, but if the pages use many different fonts or bulky fonts (e.g. Chinese), the resulting files may actually be smaller.

Tick Print as an image when Printing.
Click to expand/collapse this hidden textScaled printing

Most printers cannot print over an entire page, so always leave the edges of the pages blank. The size of this "unprintable area" varies from printer to printer, so that a page which prints perfectly on one printer may be cropped on another. To cope with this, EscapeE 'eE' iconEscapeE has a scaling feature to ensure that the printing fits in the "printable area" of your printer.

Tick Scale to fit when Printing.

To scale and rotate pages for side-by-side page printing see Booklets and 2-ups features.

Click to expand/collapse this hidden textCropping images

Cropping removes the plain white margins from the image before it is printed.

If Scale to fit option is also selected, the unprintable area of the page effectively forms a margin – thus allowing the non-white part of the image to occupy as much of the printable area as possible.

Tick Crop when Printing.

To Print to file, see Printing.