You may send output to a file or a printer from the EscapeE 'eE' iconEscapeE 'Printing' dialog using the Windows driver, see below. Alternatively you may output directly to a printer without using the Windows driver: see Direct printing.
To set up the printer to be used by default, see Printer Setup. To set up the default configuration for printers, see Configuring the output printer's defaults.

1.To show the 'Printing' dialog:
oChoose Print... from the 'File' menu or
ohold down the Ctrl key and press P.

The preview panel displays a scaled image of the 'side' of paper it is configured to print. This is usually one 'page' but when a '2-up' or 'Booklet' option is selected, a pair of pages is shown.

2.Select the page number range that defines which pages are to be printed (see also Selecting page ranges).
3.Enter the number of Copies of each selected page to be printed.
oTick Collate to print one copy of each page in sequence then repeat, instead of printing all copies of the first sheet then all copies of the second sheet etc. (if the printer allows).

See also Configuring the printer defaults.

4.If you choose to Print to file instead of a printer, a new edit box is shown containing a default File name. You may key-in a new name or use the Browse... button to set up a path in the usual way.
5.Tick Print as an image if appropriate: see Printing pages as images.
6.Tick Scale to fit and/or Crop as required: see Page imaging, scaling and cropping.
7.Instead of printing one page per side of paper, you may opt to print the file 2-up or as a folded-page Booklet; see Booklets and 2-ups. You must also set up a paper-size:
oWhen A3 paper is to be used for printing two pages per side, tick the A3 check-box; otherwise
oclick Setup... and select a paper-size from the standard Printer Setup list.
8.Select a Printer from the drop-down list. This should be the printer that will be used unless you have ticked Print to file – in which case, select a type of printer that would set up appropriate format parameters for the output file.
oTo change the default printer and its settings, click Setup....
9.The source PCL tray number specified for the document is shown in the spin-box with its designated output Printer tray described alongside: see also Media definitions.
oTo use a different combination of trays, click the spin-box arrows and/or choose another printer tray from the drop-down box.
Tick Override PCL tray to feed all media from that tray.
To keep this combination for next time, click Save.
oAlternatively, you may print the document using different media and also switch between trays during the print-run, see Setting field actions. Choose Automatically select for the 'Printer Tray' and clear the Override PCL tray check-box.
10.You may tick Use printer parameters for paper and orientation to allow the paper size, orientation and simplex/duplexing specified in the input file to be overridden by the Printer configuration.
11.Check/select an appropriate Duplex override option, see Simplex and Duplex options.
12.Click OK.
If you have chosen to 'Print to file', the Log will show the number of pages sent and the file name, when the file is complete.

Blue diamond bullet Tip: To see the part of the page on which some printers cannot print, select one of the Unprintable area options from the 'View' menu.