RedTitan EscapeE
Printing pages

EscapeE 'eE' iconEscapeE can output documents suitable for printing on a wide range of printers, from small desktop models to large, network-connected production printers.

How to send pages to a printer or a file: see Printing.
Converting pages to images for printing; scaling and cropping pages for printing: see Page imaging, scaling and cropping.
EscapeE can rotate, scale and order pages automatically to create Booklets and 2-ups.
How to change the default printer; notes on printer-drivers and printer configuration instructions: see Printer Setup.
How to set up EscapeE to print the output you want on the printer that you will actually use: see Configuring the printer defaults.
Associating paper tray numbers and descriptions: see Media definitions.
How to configure Simplex and duplex printing options.
Setting up pens and rotated graphics to configure EscapeE to emulate a plotter: see Plotter options.
Using EscapeE instead of the Windows printer-drivers for PCL, PDF, PS and XPS: see Direct printing.