Click to expand/collapse hidden textTo export files to HP PCL
1.Choose Export... from the 'File' menu or
press Ctrl E keys.
2.Set up the page number range of the pages you want to export, see Selecting page ranges.
3.To avoid a new file overwriting an existing file with the same name, tick Do not overwrite files: see Overwriting files.
4.Choose PCL document as the 'Format';
oa wild-carded filename (with extension .PCL) and folder are supplied. To create a different filename or extension, type in the new name. To select a different folder to store the file, use the Browse button. Or
ocheck the LPR box; the filename will be supplied automatically.

To make 'PCL document' format the default, click Save format.

5.Tick the Force monochrome check-box if required. Click PCL options... to configure PCL export options.
6.Choose a Duplexing option from the drop-down list:
oSimplex  force simplex
oLong edge  force duplex, long edge binding
oShort edge  force duplex, short edge binding
oUnspecified  do not specify any plex in the output file
oAs in the file  use the option specified in the input file.
7.Tick Run the associated program after creating the file if you would like to open the file immediately, using your preferred program (EscapeE 'eE' iconEscapeE is an obvious choice). See Associated programs for instructions.
8.If you have defined data fields on the pages, EscapeE can create a .LOG file automatically:
oselect the Fields to be logged: see Log file export.
oSet the Log format:
Comma separated (default)
Plain text
oFurther Log file options may be set up from the 'Log File' page of the Configuration dialog: click Log file....
9.Click OK.

Tip:  If you have opted to create macro(s) from the page(s), a Macro box is shown on the dialog: enter the number for the (first) macro, see PCL export options. To revert to exporting PCL rather than macros (and remove the 'Macro' box from the dialog), clear the Permanent and Temporary 'Save as a macro' boxes, see PCL export options.

Blue diamond bullet Notes

PCL files that have been repeatedly edited and updated often accumulate redundant code and unnecessary font downloads. By running such a PCL source file through PCL 'Export' you can reprocess the file and produce tidy, efficient code again. If you need to copy the PCL code without reprocessing, choose Subset as the export format – see Saving pages to a PCL file.

EscapeE output always orders the elements in the document so that 'solid' elements (e.g. graphics) occur before 'open' elements (e.g. text). This ensures that modern color printers (which use patterns of colored and white dots to render shaded areas), always place text and drawn lines on top of any opaque elements. You may override this feature by selecting the Keep original element order option.

As with PS and PDF export, compression, string combination and graphic/graphic with text options are available.

Each page in a document may be used to create a new macro using the Export 'PCL document' format. See To set options for PCL export.