The Save subset... command may be used instead of the Export... command with the Format set to Subset; the options are the same in either case.

Click to expand/collapse this hidden textTo save pages to a PCL file
1.From the File menu, choose
oSave Subset... or
oExport... then select Subset as the Format.
2.Set up the Page number range of the pages in the job which you want to export, see Selecting page ranges.
3.If Do not overwrite files is ticked, EscapeE 'eE' iconEscapeE adds a number to the new output file name if there is an existing file of the same name already present – see Overwriting files.
4.With Subset already set as the Format, a wild-carded filename (with extension .PCL) and folder are supplied. To specify a different filename or extension, type in the new name. To select a different folder to store the file, use the Browse button.
5.Tick the Force monochrome check-box if required.
6.Tick Run the associated program after creating the file if you would like EscapeE to open the file immediately using your preferred program (EscapeE is the obvious program of choice). See also Associated programs.
7.Choose the Fonts to be downloaded:
ofonts from the input file, or
oAny used library fonts to include any library fonts required by the document.
8.Click OK.
Click to expand/collapse this hidden textNotes

You can adjust the font download options when saving/exporting a subset. Normally EscapeE assumes that all download fonts are needed and so 'fonts from the input file' is selected. You may wish to deselect this, for example, when you are in the middle of a print run and the fonts have already been downloaded to the printer. This will save download time.

If the file is shown in a rotated state, the rotation is ignored when it is saved or exported as a Subset.

Blue diamond bullet Tip: PCL files that have been repeatedly edited and updated often accumulate redundant code and unnecessary font downloads. By running such a PCL source file through HP PCL Export instead you can reprocess the file and produce tidy, efficient code again.