Applies to EscapeE 'eE' iconEscapeE Professional and Batch Automation editions only

Experts may set up custom jobs by creating handy lists of the specialized configuration (.INI) files likely to be needed in the job. You may then select the appropriate list file at the start of the job and simply choose the INI file from the list whenever you need to switch to a different configuration file.

A job list files may be saved as a simple .LOF file or as a .JOB file with Comments, see Technical Notes.

Click to expand/collapse hidden textSelecting a job
1.Display the General page of the 'Configuration options' dialog by selecting Configuration from the 'Options' menu or by pressing function key f8.
2.Click Job types to display the 'Job selection' dialog.
3.Choose the job from:
oa Folder
The 'Folder containing ini files' dialog opens: choose the appropriate Drive and Folder then click OK. Or
oa List of ini files
The 'Job configuration files' dialog opens: select the appropriate .lof or .job file then click Open. Or
oan Ini file
The 'Job configuration files' dialog opens: select the appropriate .ini file then click Open.
oAlternatively, opt for None to cease running custom jobs. EscapeE reverts to using the default RT.INI file.

The current configuration file is shown at the foot of the Configuration dialog, e.g.

4.Click Save.
Click to expand/collapse hidden textChoosing an INI file

Having all of the relevant configuration (INI) files listed in one job file simplifies the choosing and switching between customized INI files while processing the job. With the job file selected:

1.Click Choose job configuration from the 'Options' menu.
2.Select the required job configuration (.INI) file.
3.Click Open.

Tip:  you may also view .LOF job files using this dialog by choosing Lists of files (*.lof) from the 'Files of type' drop-down list and .JOB files by choosing All files.

Click to expand/collapse hidden textEditing a job
1.Select Choose job configuration from the 'Options' menu.
2.The currently selected Job type (.ini file) path is shown: to choose a different job click Browse and select it from the 'Job selection' dialog.
3.Click Edit to display a Text editor window. The first line of this code is
4.This line is followed by a list of job file paths, one per line.
oA Comment may be appended to each line provided that the file is saved as .JOB instead of .LOF.
An * placed between the path and the Comment means that only the Comment is displayed.

See Technical notes below.

5.Edit the list using the Text editor's functions and when done click Save (or Save As...) on its 'File' menu.
6.Click the 'Exit' exit button to close the Text editor.
Click to expand/collapse hidden textTechnical notes

Custom job files must begin with the identifier and option

LOF type files follow this with a simple list of INI file paths; if a path contains space(s), the path must be enclosed in quotes.
Users select from this list of file paths.
JOB type files may contain Comments to aid the identification of appropriate INI files by Users.
Type in the list of INI file paths as for an LOF job file. To add a comment to an INI file in the list, enclose its path in quotes and add the text string for the Comment on the same line.
Users see a list of the file paths and their Comments.
oAlternatively, the Comment may be preceded by an asterisk to suppress the file path.
Users see just the list of Comments.

See LOF details, Example .LOF files and Example .JOB files.