EscapeE 'eE' iconEscapeE uses "LOF" (List Of Files) files in a number of ways. All are, in essence, a list of file paths specified in a text file, typically

Control files

When used as control files, the files in the list are of the form
<filename> /<option> /<option> ...
and will be processed in order (usually, though not necessarily, utilizing the /JOIN option) to create a single composite output file. The file processing options are initialized as specified in configuration files (usually RT.INI), modified by any EscapeE command-line options.
See Example .LOF file.

The initial identifier
enables EscapeE to recognize Intelligent Document Format LOF control files. For example, the first line of an LOF Booklet file created by composite document wizard would be
See Example .LOF file

LOF files created by the EscapeE Remember file feature take the initial identifier
by itself on the first line, followed by the list of files: see Example .LOF file. When the LOF file is viewed in the Text Editor, double-clicking the name of a file in the list will run it, with the specified options, in the EscapeE window, see Creating a data control file.

EscapeE's Command-line options may be appended to any component document's filename in an LOF file, see Example Command lines. The options commonly used in LOF files are listed below.

Job files

If the initial identifier :\ESCAPEE is given the option "JOBS",
EscapeE will recognize the file paths as a list of INI configuration files. These files are not processed like control files: they are provided as a convenient resource for Users to select appropriate INI files for the job in hand, see Run custom jobs. If the file is saved with the extension .JOB instead of .LOF, Comments may be appended to the file paths: see Example .LOF file example and Example .JOB file.

Click to expand/collapse hidden textFrequently used options

/DEFINE fieldname=value

Defines a field.


Erases that input file once the LOF has been exported.

/FIELDS fieldsfile

Specifies that ".EE" fieldsfile is used to provide the field definitions for that component document.

/REM 'remark'

For placing a comment in the code which will be ignored by EscapeE.

/PAGES n-m

To include a sub-set of pages from the specified file rather than the whole file; for example

"s:\escapee\archive\reviews.pcl" /pages 2-3