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Open the LOF file then:
oEdit the list shown in the Text-editor window directly from the keyboard or
oUse the file as a template for a new LOF file:
Select Save As... from the Text-editor's 'File' menu to create a new LOF file. Name the new LOF file then click Save.
Edit its code in the Text-editor window.

Text-editor features

Show  Click to display the document in the EscapeE window, see Viewing a data control file.
Search  Click to find text or go to a specific line-number.
x  y  Current location of cursor: character position (x), line number (y).
Click to expand/collapse hidde textFile options

Add files...



Save As... see above.

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Ctrl Z


Ctrl Del


Ctrl Ins


Shift Ins

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Ctrl A


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Ctrl R

Paste from file...

Click to expand/collapse hidden textCSV note

Expert users will realize that the Text-editor window provides all the functionality necessary to construct CSV data control files as well as LOF files:

Replace the first line with fieldnames separated by a character such as a comma, semicolon or tab.
Enter the data, one record per line. Use the same separator character between each data-value in a record.
If a string-value contains separator character(s) or space(s), the whole string-value must be enclosed within a pair of quote characters. Single or double quotes may be used, as long as the opening quote character is the same as the closing quote character.
Save the file with .CSV as the extension.

See also LOF details.