Click to expand/collapse this hidden textTo run EscapeE

eE 'Start' menu iconchoose EscapeE from the RedTitan programs in your 'Start' menu, or

eE 'shortcut' icondouble-click an EscapeE shortcut icon on your desktop.

Click to expand/collapse this hidden textTo run EscapeE so that selected file(s) open automatically
choose EscapeE as your preferred program for opening specific files/extensions. Clicking the file in Windows Explorer will run EscapeE with the selected file open: see Associated programs.
choose Run from your 'start' menu enter the file path and options on the command-line; see Run from the command line
drag and drop a file (or group of files) from Windows Explorer onto the EscapeE shortcut icon on your desktop. Note that if you have set up automatic file export with 'View' turned off, the file will simply be exported without coming up on screen; see Setting automatic export options.

EscapeE 'eE' iconEscapeE may also be run from a program; see Run from a program.

The EscapeE window will open at the size specified in the 'Configuration' dialog:  see Configuring the view. You may change the size while it is running by clicking one of the buttons at the top-right of the Title-bar:

Maximize window button glyph Maximize EscapeE fills the entire screen.

Minimize window button glyph Minimize hides EscapeE but keeps it open. An EscapeE button is placed on your Start bar: click this to restore the EscapeE window.

Restore to sizeable window button glyph Restore Down shows EscapeE at a size which you can adjust to fit your requirements: use the mouse to 'drag and drop' the window border.

The Tool-bar (located below the Title-bar) is split into two parts, one containing menus and the other with Tool buttons. You may use the mouse to pick up these parts by their side edges and drag them to another part of the Tool-bar (the height of the Tool-bar expands/contracts automatically to fit the height of the Tools). This is particularly useful when you run EscapeE with a narrow window; you may keep all the Tools on view in the window by placing the menus and buttons on two rows in a double-height Tool-bar.

Click to expand/collapse hidden textTo close EscapeE
Choose Exit from the 'File' menu or
Click the title-bar's Exit (x) button button or
Choose Close from the title-bar EscapeE 'eE' button glyph menu or
Press Alt F4 keys.