EscapeE 'eE' iconEscapeE Professional editions only

1.Select File on the menu-bar then:
oClick Open..., select the control file and click the Open button or
oif the file has been displayed recently, select the file from the History list. Control files are indicated by ^ character.
2.The control file is displayed in the Text-editor window.

Displaying the composite document

1.Open the control file as above.
2.Click Show on the Text-editor window's menu-bar to display the first page of the composite document in the EscapeE window. Or
Double-click a file named in the Text-editor's window to display that file in the EscapeE window. (Any options set up in associated EE and/or INI files will be applied.)
3.You may page through the document using the navigation buttons on EscapeE's menu-bar as usual. The name of the original component file used to create each page is shown in the EscapeE title-bar.
In addition to exporting a page on display in the normal way, you may export the whole composite file by ticking the Treat as a single file check-box on the Export dialog.

Blue diamond bullet Tip: if the composite document is on display in the EscapeE window, selecting View control file from the 'View' menu opens another window in which the Text-editor displays the control file.