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LOF ("List Of Files") data control files may be built automatically, or from the keyboard in the Text editor window.

Click to expand/collapse hidden textCreating an LOF control file automatically
1.Open a file to be included in the new LOF.
2.Select Remember file from the 'File' menu: the 'Name of new control file' dialog is displayed.
3.Set up the new File name (with extension .LOF) then click Save.
EscapeE creates a new LOF file and adds the "remembered" filename to it, along with its fields file (and any specified INI file). The Text editor window opens to show the LOF file's contents.
4.To add another file to the LOF file: open the next file in the EscapeE window then select Remember file from the 'File' menu. The new file's path is appended to the LOF file shown in the Text editor window.
Repeat until all the files have been added to the LOF.

Double-clicking the name of the file in the list will load it with the specified options (for example, /PDF option would export the file directly, in PDF format).

5.Select Save from the Text editor window's 'File' menu. Name the file, with extension ".LOF".
Click to expand/collapse hidden textCreating an LOF control file manually
1.Highlight New... in the 'File' menu and select New list of files from its sub-menu.
2.Enter the File name in the 'Name of new control file' dialog.
3.Select List of files (LOF) from the 'Save as type' drop-down list, then click Save.
The Text-editor is displayed, with :\ESCAPEE entered on the first line of its window.
4.Type in the names and paths of the files to be included in the control file, one file per line. If these files have associated files (such as .EE, .INI), add those too. Or
Select Add files... from the text-editor's 'File' menu to display the standard 'Open' dialog. You may:
oClick on a file to add it to the control file's list. Or
oAdd a block of files by clicking on the first file in the block then, holding down the Shift key, clicking on the last file in the block.
oAdd additional files to the selection by holding down the Control key and clicking each file separately.

Click Open.

5.To insert the contents of a file, click Load...: select the file then click Open.
6.Click Save then close the LOF window:
oClick the Text-editor window's title-bar Exie (x) button button or
oChoose Close from the Text-editor window's title-bar EscapeE 'eE' button glyph menu or
oPress Alt F4 keys.

See also Example .LOF file