Click to expand/collapse this hidden textTo view a file
1.Choose Open... from the 'File' menu or
hold down the Ctrl key and press the O key.
2.Look in the appropriate folder to find the file to be opened.
You may refine your search by only showing specific types of file...
Either choose from the drop-down list:
oPrint Files such as .PRN, .LSH, .PCL, .PS, .EPS, .HP, AFP.
oTIFF images shows files with extension .TIF and, for multi-page PCL jobs converted by EscapeE 'eE' iconEscapeE, extensions .001, .002, etc..
oPlotter files, extension .PLT.
oPDF files in Adobe Portable Document Formats.
oDCX for fax files.
oControl files such as .IDF, .EEC, .CSV, .LOF; see Viewing an IDF document and Viewing a data control file.
oEscapeE files: the default, this shows all files with extensions detected by EscapeE.
oJob configurations for custom .INI, .LOF and .JOB files, see Run custom jobs.
oAll files – shows even those files with non-standard extensions.

or type in a file specification, e.g. *.prt.

3.Click on a file name.
4.Click Open.
EscapeE opens the file at the first page in the print run.


Select the file in Windows Explorer, drag and drop it onto the EscapeE shortcut icon on your desktop: see Running EscapeE.

See also Viewing an IDF document.

To close a file:

Choose Close from the 'File' menu.
See also To close EscapeE.

Blue diamond bullet Notes

The file extensions .IDF, .LSH, .PRN, .PCL, .PLT and .RS2 are set up in your Windows Registry when EscapeE is installed (if they are not already associated with another program). You may change an associated program (for example, to make EscapeE your preferred TIFF image viewer) using Windows Explorer: see Associated programs.

Print files: these may rely on the default properties of the printer e.g. paper type, font or line spacing. You may need to set the printer defaults manually in order to display the file correctly, see Configuring the printer defaults.

AFP files: parameters such as default font and JPEG image DPI found within input AFP files are honored. If an AFP mask is used in conjunction with a CMYK image then the default ICC setting will be used to render the image as an RGBA (Red, Green, Blue, Alpha) image in order to apply the mask and maintain accurate output colors. See also Substitute fonts.

Blue diamond bullet Tip: EscapeE employs standard Windows features: to see how to use these, consult your Microsoft® Windows User's guide. You can use the usual Windows mechanism for keystrokes: for example, keying-in Alt FO chooses from the 'File' menu and shows the 'Open' dialog.