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PCL Table in Truetype fonts

pcl truetype Truetype fonts often contain a large number of character glyphs. The table shows fonts installed on a typical Windows XP system.

PCLT entries are present in many modern scalable TRUETYPE fonts. These give symbolset and type face information.
pcl truetype
pcl truetype
pcl truetype

PCL Table in Truetype fonts - Character availability and UNICODE links

PCL tableAllegro BT257.
PCL tableAmerType Md BT257.
PCL tableArial1419.
 Arial Black671.
 Arial Narrow660.
 Arial Unicode MS38911.
PCL tableAvantGarde Bk BT257.
PCL tableAvantGarde Md BT257.
PCL tableBankGothic Md BT257.
PCL tableBenguiat Bk BT257.
PCL tableBernhardFashion BT257.
PCL tableBernhardMod BT257.
 Bookman Old Style670.
 Bookshelf Symbol 194.
 Bookshelf Symbol 2154.
 Bookshelf Symbol 335.
 Bookshelf Symbol 487.
 Bookshelf Symbol 5223.
PCL tableBremen Bd BT257.
PCL tableBroadway BT257.
PCL tableCharlesworth188.
 Comic Sans MS575.
PCL tableCopprplGoth Bd BT257.
 Courier New1258.
PCL tableDauphin189.
PCL tableEnglish111 Vivace BT257.
 Estrangelo Edessa187.
 Franklin Gothic Medium658.
PCL tableFutura Lt BT257.
PCL tableFutura Md BT257.
PCL tableFutura XBlk BT257.
PCL tableFuturaBlack BT257.
PCL tableGoudyHandtooled BT257.
PCL tableGoudyOlSt BT257.
PCL tableHumanst521 BT257.
PCL tableITC Eras Book229.
PCL tableKabel Bk BT257.
PCL tableKabel Ult BT257.
 Lucida Console663.
 Lucida Sans Unicode1765.
 Microsoft Sans Serif2285.
 Monotype Sorts202.
PCL tableMS Outlook11.
 MV Boli102.
 Myriad Condensed Web343.
 Myriad Web343.
PCL tableOzHandicraft BT257.
PCL tablePalatino Linotype1050.
PCL tablePosterBodoni BT257.
PCL tableSerifa BT257.
PCL tableSerifa Th BT257.
PCL tableSouvenir Lt BT257.
PCL tableStaccato222 BT257.
PCL tableSwiss911 XCm BT257.
PCL tableTimes New Roman1419.
 Trebuchet MS577.
PCL tableTypoUpright BT257.
PCL tableZapfEllipt BT257.
PCL tableZurich BlkEx BT257.
PCL tableZurich Ex BT257.

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