(Applies to EscapeE 'eE' iconEscapeE Professional and Batch Automation editions only)

EscapeE shortcut icon EscapeE makes batch job Shortcuts easy to set up and easy to use: just specify its location – desktop, Start menu or elsewhere on your system.

Run command line glyph Advanced users can run EscapeE directly from the command line. (IDF files may also be run.) There are over a hundred command-line options for export, printer-specific, composite document and many other configuration options. The configuration may be saved as an INI file.
EscapeE may be called from an external program using the /PIPE command. /X is used to exit.

Batch jobs often require that a large number of files are processed. These files may be accessed from LOF or CSV control files (see About Control files) which call on associated field definitions files: see About .EE files for control files. The field definitions files themselves can be grouped together to form a custom job LOF or JOB file for ease of use, see Run custom jobs.