RedTitan EscapeE

This section provides new users with an outline of how EscapeE 'eE' iconEscapeE may be used handle print files. The topics include links to the detailed instructions found in subsequent Closed folder iconsections shown in the 'Contents' pane on the left. Click in the "breadcrumb trail" (above the topic title) to see the topic's parent section topic(s). For example, the trail for an IDF attribute topic is IDF syntax > IDF attributes: clicking IDF attributes displays the sub-section topic (attributes/elements table) and IDF syntax displays the section topic (bullet list).

What you see when you open a document in EscapeE and how to change it; about the Console notebook for viewing document properties, PCL and IDF source code: see About viewing pages.
Finding your way through a document; the page search, text search and bookmark tools: see Navigating to a page.
General information on fonts, font packs and font libraries; symbolsets, character recognition and header files: see Handling fonts.
General information on graphic images, vector graphics, shading and transparency; about masks and alpha channel images: see Handling graphics.
Saving and copying documents, parts of documents, text and macros; stylesheet files: see Saving and copying pages.
Printing options and the use of proofing printers, resources and plotters; trays and bins. About unprintable areas, image scaling and cropping: see About printing.
General set-up for outputting pages in a different file-format and generating log files and macros. Manual and automatic operating; using TCP/IP: see About exporting pages.
The Configuration dialog: setting general and format-specific options. Shading, compression, resolution and page numbering: see Configuring files for export.
The Fields dialog: the relationship between data fields and tags. Composite fields and conditions; setting up actions: see About fields and tags.
Outputting extracted data to CSV, XML and plain text log-files: see About exporting data.
How to use parts of fields and pre-defined symbols; applying conditions: see Composite fields and conditions.
About Composite documents and IDF: the sweep-and-click feature for assembling parts of existing pages into composite documents. Re-purposing documents and creating new documents with Intelligent Document Format.
About User-friendly Mail merge and Composite document wizards; the dual-mode editor for creating new documents: see IDF wizard documents.
About running EscapeE automatically from a Shortcut icon, directly from the command-line or through a program: see Batch job running.

All in all, EscapeE is a powerful print stream and data reprocessing tool with a comprehensive array of features. If you have a print data processing task you don't think EscapeE can handle, Email and we'll see if we can find you a solution.