EscapeE 'eE' iconEscapeE Professional editions only

Once you have created an IDF document, you may use EscapeE to view it, edit it and/or export it into other formats.
You may run an IDF file just by opening it in EscapeE. EscapeE interprets the file and displays the first page of the document in its window. Once the file is running, you may open the Console notebook and display the code that generated the page(s).

To view an IDF document

Choose Open... from the EscapeE 'File' menu, select the IDF file and click Open. Or
if you have opened the document recently, select it from the History list at the foot of the 'File' menu.
Note that although IDF files act as control files, there is no ^ character preceding the file's name in the list. EscapeE will show the composed document in its window. To see the IDF code too, see below.

To view the IDF control file

1.Open the IDF file as above.
2.Select View source... from the 'View' menu or
Press Ctrl S keys.
The IDF code for the document is displayed in the Source code window of the Console notebook: see Source code.