EscapeE 'eE' iconEscapeE Professional editions only

Highlight New... on the 'File' menu and select Sub-menu arrow New IDF file
press Ctrl I keys.

The Console notebook is opened with a new "IDF" page on view containing the code to make a vestigial IDF document. This code may be constructed directly from the keyboard (see Editing an IDF document) or by assembling "clips" copied from other "component" files:

1.Click Open... from the EscapeE 'File' menu to display a component file and navigate to a page for copying.
oTo clip whole pages, right-click in the page and choose one of these options from the 'pop-up' menu:
Add whole page to IDF. Or
Add as two sections to IDF to create two separate clips from the whole page. The elements are split at the current cursor position and the clips are placed on the page one after the other.
Although this looks the same as the 'Add whole page to IDF' option above, it creates an ideal starting point for editing just part of the code for the page. Or
Add whole file to IDF.
oTo clip part of the page instead, start by using the mouse to sweep out the area of the page to be copied. Then right-click on the page to display a pop-up menu and choose one of these options:
Copy & Add selection to IDF places the elements found in the selected area as a single block clip.
Add selection as paragraphs to IDF and enter the size of the gap to be made between one paragraph and the next below it, measured in inches. Click OK.
2.EscapeE adds the IDF code for the component to the IDF window.
Repeat the step above for each clip, page and file to be included in the IDF file, opening new component files when necessary.
3.To start another page in the new document click New page...: EscapeE inserts a page-break at the cursor position in the code.
4.Click Save from the IDF tool-bar to open the standard 'Save As' dialog and set up the File name as usual.
5.When you're done, click Close from the IDF tool-bar.

You may edit IDF documents – adding, removing, rotating, changing text, glyphs etc. – see Editing an IDF document.

If a component document contains fields, you may use the areas defined for the fields as clip regions in an IDF document: see Using fields as clip regions.

See also Composite document wizard.