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IDF documents

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IDF quick start

Create new files from clippings:

1.Sweep out an area of a page to copy and click Copy & Add selection to IDF. Repeat for each clip.
2.Save the file in IDF format.

The IDF file may then be viewed, printed or edited. You may also export it in another format.

'Intelligent Document Format' is the RedTitan document description language interchange format designed to enable users to edit existing documents in a variety of formats. EscapeE wizards write the code to create new documents in IDF: see IDF wizards section.

How to assemble a new composite document using copies clipped from other documents. Extracts may be parts of a page, whole pages or whole files: see Creating an IDF document.
How to open an IDF file as a document for display and as a control file: see Viewing an IDF document.
How to open an IDF file as a control file for editing: see Editing an IDF document.
Setting up IDF editor options: full-width clip selection, retaining a clip's position and using relative paths.
IDF editing tips contains hints about editing text, clip regions, file specifications and page-breaks in the code; finding your way around elements, tags and attributes.