An IDF page is added to the Console notebook when an IDF control file is being created or edited. Several IDF files may be worked on at the same time, so the page-tab's text includes a number, e.g. IDF 1, IDF 2 etc.. 'IDF' appears on the EscapeE menu-bar whenever there are IDF page(s) open in the Console notebook.

Select New Display sub-menu New IDF File from the 'File' menu or
Click Ctrl I.

When an IDF coding page is opened for a new IDF control file, EscapeE 'eE' iconEscapeE creates a vestigial file in it:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="no"?>

If there is an area selected on a document currently on view then it is put into the control file as a clip region. Further clips may be added from any document on view – simply open the next document and select a clip – then click IDF on the menu-bar to displays the Console notebook again. For details, see Creating an IDF document.

Code may be copied and pasted from other IDF pages in the Console notebook – see Editing an IDF document, or it may be entered directly from the keyboard – see IDF syntax section. A number of special features are provided for commonly occurring tasks: see IDF editor options, pop-up menu and IDF tools.

Click to expand/collapse hidden textIDF tools

These tools are provided on the tool-bar (above the code window) of the IDF coding page of the Console notebook:

Save to save the code to the current IDF file.
Save as... to save the code as a new IDF file (see also Editing an IDF document).
Options... to see more IDF editor options.
New page to start a new page at the cursor position (see also Creating an IDF document).
Find... to display the Find dialog and search the code for a text string or line number.
Close to close the IDF file. If the code has been edited since the file was last saved, you will be prompted to choose whether to save it or not.
To view the document generated by the code running in:
othe current EscapeE window – click Show or
oa separate EscapeE window – click in new EscapeE.
(See also To edit an IDF document.)
Help displays the Help file. Clicking on an element tag in the code then clicking 'Help' displays the topic related to that element.

See also Hot keys.

Tip:  clicking in the EscapeE window outside the Console notebook hides it. Clicking IDF on the EscapeE menu-bar re-displays that IDF coding page of the Console notebook again.