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Console notebook

The Console notebook brings together technical information about the document on view and provides a work-space for coding IDF files.

Click the Information Information (i) button glyph icon on the Tool-bar.

This displays a window – titled with the full-path of the file on view – containing the Console notebook with a number of tabbed pages:

Document Properties  Information about the document's size, format, graphic content etc.
Error messages  How to view error messages and problem warnings.
Logged messages  About viewing the logged messages; how to set up the information to be shown in the log window.
PJL Comments  About viewing Printer Job Language comments in the document.
Source code  View and search a PCL or IDF document's source text; modifying an IDF document's control file.
IDF coding  An IDF tab appears when an Intelligent Document Format control file is being created/edited. If you have more than one IDF open, extra tabbed pages are provided and numbered.

Blue diamond bullet Tip: The Console notebook may be re-sized by dragging the window's border(s).