EscapeE 'eE' iconEscapeE Professional editions only

Click Options... on the IDF coding page of the Console notebook to see more options for creating/editing an IDF document.

Select all (or Ctrl A)
Selects all the code on that IDF page of the Console notebook.
Copy (or Ctrl C or Ctrl Ins)
Copies selected code to clipboard.
Relative paths
When checked, any file path which is the same as that of the IDF file itself is omitted.
For example, an IDF file c:\Invoices\2016\JanSummary.idf containing a clip from the file c:\Invoices\2016\January1.pdf would code it with the relative path
instead of the full path
Keep coordinates
To place clips at the same position in the new document as they were in the component document, select this option then choose a clip option, see Creating an IDF document. (A tick 'Tick' glyph beside 'Keep coordinates' indicates that this "keep" mode is already engaged.)
When this option is deselected, the first clip is placed at the top of the container (Y="0") and subsequent clips are located just below the previous clip (Y="Y+0.05").
See also Positioning and sizing.
Full width select
This expands any clipped areas to the full width of the page when adding them to the document (useful if re-paginating a document by moving items between pages).

Tip:  If you have selected a narrow clip area but EscapeE has clipped the whole line instead, deselect Full width select from the text editor's Options menu.