Media trays may be identified by number, name or attribute, depending on the printer's language and sophistication. See PCL export options, AFP export options, PS export options for detail on configuring for specific formats. See Setting field actions if the print-run requires different trays and/or bins to be selected during the run.

A PCL file will specify the media that it expects the whole document to be printed on as a type number (see PCL tray numbers). Selecting Print... from the File menu runs the Windows printer-driver; this needs to engage a tray on whichever output Printer has been selected. This is specified using a different type number (see Windows driver numbers). A PostScript file, on the other hand, will provide a list of paper attributes and expect to find a matching tray; it can all get very complicated. Configuring a media definition creates an association between human-readable tray-descriptions and tray-numbers, simplifying the printing set-up.

Click to expand/collapse hidden textAdding Media definitions
1.Choose Configuration... from the 'Options' menu (or press F8) then select the Printer tab.
2.Click Add media: the 'PCL media' dialog is displayed.
3.Enter a Media name for one of the input trays in the edit-box then click OK. (The name may be made up of letters, numbers or combination of letters and numbers, depending on the printer.)
The dialog now shows an edit-box captioned Tray number for the named tray: enter the number to be assigned to the specified tray name then click OK.
The 'PCL media' dialog switches back to showing an edit-box for a new 'Media name' to be defined. Either:
oDefine a name for another tray and assign it a number as before, or
oClick Cancel to terminate media set-up.
Click to expand/collapse hidden textEditing a tray definition

If a tray has been defined already, its number will be entered in the Tray number for... edit-box automatically. You may:

Click OK to retain the definition or
To change it, edit the number then click OK or
Clear the edit-box then click OK to delete the definition.

See also Direct printing.