In some cases there are options such as tray selection which cannot be done when outputting using the Windows driver. The EscapeE 'eE' iconEscapeE 'Direct print' facility overcomes this problem by generating the printer commands as if it were exporting to the requisite format. In this mode, it is essential that the correct format has been previously selected in the Configuration dialog. If the 'Direct print' option is grayed-out, the wrong output format has been selected – see notes below.

Click to expand/collapse this hidden textDirect printing in PCL, PDF, PS or XPS
1.Choose Direct print... from the 'File' menu.
2.In the 'Select page number range' panel, specify whether to print:
oThis page – just the page on view or
othe Whole file or
o a range of pages from Start to End: see Selecting page ranges.
3.Select the Format for the document from the drop-down list; click the format-specific options button to configure further options.
4.Choose a Printer from the drop-down list; click Setup... to configure its parameters.
5.If the document contains color and the printer can only print in black and white, tick the Force monochrome check-box.
6.Select a PCL tray number from the spin-box.
oFor PS, enter/select the name of the Printer tray to be associated with the numbered tray.
7.Check whether a Duplex override is in force - see Simplex and duplex options
8.To save the setup for later use, click Save.
9.Click OK.
The document is processed and sent directly to the printer. See also To change the default printer.
Click to expand/collapse this hidden textConfiguration notes

The Configuration dialog may be viewed by selecting Configuration... from the 'Options' menu or pressing the f8 key.

On the General page of the Configuration dialog, choose PCL document, PDF document, Postscript level2, Postscript level3 or XPS document as the 'Output Format'.
oFor PCL format, click the Options button. Depending on the printer, it may be necessary to:
clear the Printer supports scalable image check-box
tick the LIDIL (graphics only) printer check-box.