There are some configuration options that only apply when a plotter (rather than a PCL printer) is emulated.

Click to expand/collapse this hidden textEmulating a plotter
1.Select the Printer page of the Configuration dialog (press f8 or click Configuration... from the Options menu).
2.Click Plotter options....
3.Tick Rotate graphics if embedded graphics for the document are to be rotated.
4.Tick Exchange width & height if necessary: see Note below.
5.Specify the color palette: either
oTick Monochrome (2 pen) palette, or
oSet up the configuration of each of the Pens: enter – or use the spin arrows to select – the number of a pen to be defined, then:
To change the pen's color (shown in a square alongside the pen-number), click Color. Choose a new-pen color from the standard color selector dialog.
Enter the Width of the pen, in mm.
(You can click Reset to clear all pen set-up alterations.)
6.Pen-drawn colored lines are normally opaque. To treat colored lines as transparent instead, tick Merge colors when drawing: the colors will merge together where lines cross.
7.If the pen-drawn elements of a document are only simple horizontal or vertical lines, you may tick Use rectangles for orthogonal lines. This feature draws lines using rectangles rather than a pen of a defined width, which is more efficient as pen shape and line-join characteristics can be ignored.
8.Click Apply to accept the changes and return to the Printer page of the Configuration dialog.

Blue diamond bullet Tip: If you need to cancel the dialog and have made changes to the set-up of pens, remember to Reset the pens then click Cancel.

Blue diamond bullet Note

Some plotters were not designed to take sheets of paper like office printers and these may use "rotated" coordinate systems (i.e. the width and height of the paper are interchanged) instead.