EscapeE 'eE' iconEscapeE can read files which have been prepared for printing on one printer and output them as files suitable for another printer. You may need to set up details of the printer or plotter being emulated, the output printer and their paper-trays and bins.

If you just need a paper copy of a document (or selected pages from the document) on view, you may use your regular printer (i.e. one set up under the Windows mechanism) to print it. To change the default printer, see Printer Setup. You may also use PCL, PDF, PS and XPS printers directly, bypassing the printer's own printer-driver (printer-drivers are often the root of printing difficulties).

Printing may be scaled to accommodate printer differences such as unprintable areas: see Configuring the view. The page may be cropped to remove white margins. You may choose to print pages according to their instructions or as a simple image, see Page imaging, scaling and cropping. There are options to print two pages on one side of a sheet of paper: EscapeE rotates and scales the pages automatically and outputs them as a "Booklet" or "2-up", see Booklets and 2ups.

When printing a page as an image it will always look the same as EscapeE shows it on the screen. This allows you to see whether the resources are set up correctly or not (whereas proofing uses the printer's own "resources" e.g. fonts). EscapeE can generate a separate PCL fonts-file for printers requiring the fonts to be downloaded before the page content: see PCL export options.