The layout of a page may be changed by sweeping-out 'clip-area' fields then using the mouse to drag-and-drop them to a new part of the page.

1.Define an area on the page containing the text, images, drawn paths etc. to be moved: hold the left mouse button down, drag out the area then release the mouse button.
2.The swept area is shown outlined in red. Hold down the Ctrl key and click down in the area: the outline changes to blue.

Tip: you may rearrange the page contents without changing the original document by holding-down the Shift key as well as the Ctrl key.

3.Drag the area to its new position on the page and release the mouse button; any features recognized by EscapeE 'eE' iconEscapeE within the area are dragged along by the same distances.
4.Normally the area is defined as a field in the page on view only; to define the same area as fields in every page of the document instead:
4.1.Open the 'Field' dialog and display the area's field definition.
4.2.Deselect This page only option.


Behind the scenes, EscapeE uses the MoveText plugin to relocate the clip-areas. If you have Plugins 'engaged' button glyphenabled the plugin then the new layout will be preserved; if it is Plugins 'disengaged' button glyphdisabled, the change will be temporary until the page is reloaded.

Blue diamond bullet Tip: In addition to rearranging the areas on the current page, you may add areas copied from other pages – see Creating an IDF document.