The addtext plugin allows new text to be added to a page in a choice of fonts, colors and alignments. It may also be used to remove existing text from a page.

Addtext is the primary EscapeE 'eE' iconEscapeE plugin, and may be accessed directly from the EscapeE window's pop-up menu:

Click to expand/collapse hidden textAdd text
1.Open the document and display the page for the added text. To add text to an existing field, select it.
2.Right-click on the page then choose Add text (or press Insert key) from the pop-up menu.
oIf an existing field has been selected the addtext dialog opens. If not then:
oIf a field on the page has been configured to utilize the addtext plugin, the addtext dialog is opened showing the field's setup. Otherwise,
oA new field to contain the new text is created automatically and the addtext dialog is opened.
3.Set up the text string, font, position and rotation: see also To add new text.

To disable the addtext field, sweep out the text or click on the field; then select Delete text from the pop-up menu. See also Delete text below.

To reinstate the addtext field, click on the field then select Enable field... from the pop-up menu, or open the Field dialog (Ctrl D) and tick the Enabled check-box.

Click to expand/collapse hidden textDelete text

If the original page contains text that you would simply like to remove:

1.Sweep out the text for removal.
2.Right-click and choose Delete text.
3.You can make adjustments to the field set-up as necessary – see To define a field.

Note that only "real" text strings in a 'Delete text' field can be removed, not images of text.