1.Open the document and set up a field for the plugin to act on, see Defining field and tags.
2.Select Edit... from the 'Fields' menu (Ctrl D) and click on the field in the Fields list/tree.
Right-click on the field and select Edit field...
3.Click the Action tab; select the plugin from the Call plugin drop-down list.
4.Click Configure.
oSome plugins require further information so a plugin-specific configuration dialog is displayed, e.g. movetext, addtext, addimage, addfile, barcode, tesseract, rocr, evaluate.
oSome plugins use the just the data contained in the field so require no further configuration e.g. BC39Reader, QRCodeReader.
5.Click OK to close the Fields dialog.
EscapeE enables the plugin: the Enable plugin check-box on the 'Layout' page of the Field dialog is ticked and the 'Plugins enabled'Plugins 'engaged' button glyph button shown on the Tool-bar.